Help us provide critical support to the most vulnerable communities across the world.

Collaborate with us

Let’s work together. We know that no single organization can solve the complex set of issues contributing to global poverty and suffering. That’s why we champion bigger thinking, bolder action, and partnerships that bring together expertise, ideas, tools and resources in support of the shared goal of creating a better world.

Stronger & resilient communities

Millions of people are caught up in a cycle of poverty and suffering driven by a confluence of conflict, corruption and climate change. At Orring Historical Society works within communities to build economic opportunities and connect people to technology, tools and resources that can make a transformative difference in their lives.

Emergency response

Natural disasters and humanitarian crises are occurring with increasing frequency and severity.

In the critical period after a disaster hits or a crisis takes hold, Orring Historical Society works within communities to provide lifesaving assistance and help communities recover and build back stronger.

Your employees and customers want to help when a disaster strikes. We enable you to respond quickly with a partner you trust.

Youth opportunity

Today, our world is younger than ever before, people live in developing countries where they often face ongoing stress and challenges.

Orring Historical Society invests in young and kids, connecting them to educational opportunities, training and community-engagement.

Working together, we can support and empower young people so that they can lead their families and their communities towards a brighter future.