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Orring Historical Society  is established as the voice for history, culture and language of Orring People of Nigeria.  We bring together people who share an interest in and love for our history, culture and language.  We inspire, enable and encourage people to get involved with history. We believe that history underpins our cultures and informs our identities. We are committed to support the study, learning and research into Orring history and culture. We promote the preservation and development of Korring language.


We envision a world where historical, cultural and linguistic differences enrich society  rather than barrier to personal or group access to socio-economic or political opportunities


Our mission is to advance knowledge in the history, culture and language of Orring  people and to provide solutions to some  of the complex issues that underpin Korring language endangerment, while helping individuals and communities to feel confident in their self-identity.

Orring Historical Society is an international charity that aims to galvanise interest in  local history and culture and the development of  Korring Language as one of the recognised Minority Indigenous Languages through leading the way  in partnership working  to research and document  the history of Orring people and their culture, and the revitalisation of and documentation of Korring language.


Languages and cultures are important individual and societal resources

Languages and cultures are important aspects of individuals’ and group’s identity

All languages, dialects, and cultures deserve to be respected and cultivated

Historical, linguistic and cultural differences should enrich society and not a barrier to personal or group success or wellbeing

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