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Orring Historical Society is a nonprofit organisation registered in Nigeria and United Kingdom:to support the preservation & development of Korring language; to support research, documentation & publication of the history of Orring people of Nigeria; to research into the relationships between various Korring speaking entitied in Nigeria; to promote the rich cultural heritage of Orring people of Nigeria.



We help to enrich society by championing language rights of Minority Indigenous Peoples and their historical and cultural context. We work to ensure that historical, cultural and linguistic differences are not barriers to individuals’ or groups’ access to socioeconomic or political opportunities. We support the revitalisation and development of Korring language as a recognised Minority Indigenous Language

Our History

As a respected non-profit organisation, we engage local communities and work in partnership with local and international historians and experts to research and document the history of Orring people of Nigeria

Our Culture

The Orring people of Nigeria sandwich amongst the Igbo communities in Ebonyi State Nigeria have very rich cultural heritage which are not celebrated. We promote Orring culture and help them to disseminate their rich cultural heritage.

Our Language

We believe that language is a key asset in a society. We promote Korring language  and work to preserve it and to prevent its extinction. We aim to transform Korring to a written language


Help us provide critical support to one of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

Are you passionate about history, culture or language?  Do you have any interest in history, culture or language? Are you a historian, language expert, researcher, academician, campaigner, journalist, student? Do you believe that being born in a minority community with Minority Indigenous Language should not limit one’s access to opportunities that exists in society? Or you just want to learn about our work? Let’s hear from you, lets work together. We know that no single organisation can solve the complex set of issues contributing to disadvantage and language endangerment. That’s why we champion bigger thinking, bolder action, and partnerships that bring together expertise, ideas, tools and resources in support of the shared goal of enriching our world.

We at Orring Historical Society believe that:

  • Languages and cultures are important individual and societal resources
  • All languages, dialects, and cultures deserve to be respected and cultivated
  • Multilingualism is beneficial for individuals and society
  • Language and cultural differences should not be obstacles to personal or group success or wellbeing.
  • Language and cultures are important aspects of individual’s identity and should be respected
  • Language  and cultural knowledge should be valued in society
  • History helps us to develop a better understanding of the world

Our Projects

Korring Orthography Project

The Korring Orthography Project is a team dedicated to work on the orthography of Korring Language. We believe that this is critical to the revitalisation, documentation and development of Korring Language. If you would like to join or contribute to this  project, please contact us via our email: info@orringhistoricalsociety.com

Korring Dictionary Project

We want to develop Korring Dictionary  to assist learners to understand Korring language . This will be  of assistance to both native speakers as well as learners. If you want to learn more or to help us, please contact info@orringhistoricalsociety.com

Orring Day Project

Our maiden Orring Day is coming up in December 2021. This is an event to provide a platform for dialogue and to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Orring People. The ORRING DAY PROJECT TEAM will be keen to hear from you. Contact us if you would like to help. Our email address is: info@orringhistoricalsociety.com

Together, we can help prevent the extinction of Korring language and culture

Lets eliminate language discrimination of Minority Indigenous Languages, help to promote their self-identity and the rights of these communities to have equal access socio-economic and political opportunities regardless of their historical, cultural or linguistic differences.


We are pleased to announce that our partnership team will be based at the Department of Linguistics, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. This will serve as a hub, with input from a team from University of Nigeria Nsukka and University of Benin, Nigeria. Thanks to Dr Linda Nkamigbo(NAU),Dr George Iloene(UNN) & Associate Professor Sen Mmaduabuchi Agbo(UNIBEN)

We are also a member of the Foundation for Endangered Languages(FEL). Our Community Membership ID is 1815

Stakeholders meeting organised by Orring historical society

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